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The school curriculum creates a school culture that helps in creating students who are productive members of society. It sets goals that help motivate in-depth learning.

Curriculum Objectives

The objective in designing an in-house curriculum is to offer teaching and learning which ensures that all pupils :

  • Are interested and motivated in their work;
  • Achieve success and make progress in their learning;
  • Derive satisfaction from their achievements;
  • Have confidence in their ability to work at an appropriate level;
  • Experience an appropriately broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Have equality of access to learning and subjects of the curriculum
  • Experience a range of teaching methods;
  • Are involved in integrated and subject-specific activities;
  • Work individually and as a member of a group;
  • Have their progress in the key skills of learning monitored and recorded;
  • Work with a number of adults;
  • Learn in a purposeful atmosphere where there is mutual respect and deep understanding


  • Nursery 2022-23 parents - FEE PAYMENT CIRCULAR ..Read More