• Admission for Nursery for the academic year 2024 – 2025 stands closed.

Middle School

This is the development phase, packed with learning and rapid cognitive growth. It is a stage where the children have the language skills and cognitive ability to gather information and formulate well-organized opinions and thoughts. The students start recognising their true self thus channelizing and moulding their vast storehouse of energy and there is transitioning toward greater independence in managing and organizing schoolwork requiring less supervision. The curriculum widens to include subjects like History, Geography, Sciences, Languages and Mathematics. Children develop their research skills and use various resources for school projects and presentations. They delight not only in assembling their research but also enjoy crafting their thoughts and having people appreciate their work. Optional subjects and electives like Scouts and Guides, NCC and Air Wing are offered to develop the quality of courage, responsibility and discipline.

Yoga, Art, Music and sports also form an integral part of the school programme. Morning assemblies and interaction periods help students to shed their inhibitions and be more forthcoming in expressing their thoughts and opinions on social happenings and events. The evaluation process is based on written assignments such as project work, short tests, open-book tests, and term examinations. Regular classroom observations are also conducted by the teachers to facilitate a better understanding of the overall growth of the children. Methods used to provide holistic learning include:

  • Field trips
  • Laboratory works
  • Research projects
  • Audiovisual media
  • Library activities
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Industry
  • School Interface
  • Smart Board Facility

Life skill education: optional subjects

Along with the core curriculum, students are offered optional subjects which are focused on enhancing students’ life skills. Based on the student’s aptitude, teachers guide and support the student in making the best choice keeping in mind their interests and future aspirations. One needs to opt for these subjects at Class IX. Below is the full range of subjects that the school presently offers:

  • Home Science
  • Computer Applications
  • Commercial Applications
  • Technical Drawing
  • Art

With this broad and diverse range of optional subjects, a student’s personal learning, thinking skills and ability to work independently are enhanced.


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Admission for Nursery for the academic year 2024 – 2025 stands closed.