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International Yoga Day,Nursery

Jun 21, 2024

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY Unroll Your Mat, Unwind your Mind Jun 21, 2024 Yoga is the JOURNEY…Of the self, To the self, Through the self….! In a joyous celebration of International Yoga Day on 21 st of June, we at Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School hosted a vibrant and engaging yoga session for all our students. The atmosphere crackled with enthusiasm as our young minds gathered to explore the wonders of this ancient practice. Led by our efficient teachers, students embarked on a journey of mindful movement. The teachers skillfully guided them through a series of basic asanas (postures), ensuring proper form and alignment. Laughter filled the air as students attempted new poses, discovering their own strength and flexibility. The session also Incorporated an introduction to Pranayama (breathing exercises). Students learnt simple breathing techniques to improve focus and concentration, practices they can readily integrate into their daily lives. The program culminated In a guided meditation session, allowing students to experience a sense of inner calm and relaxation. The heart of this session was the “Laughter Yoga” especially curated for our little ones with various laughter variations added an extra playful and fun element to this session. Overall, our International Yoga Day celebration proved to be a resounding success. The positive energy and active participation of our students were truly inspiring…Om Shanti!


Admission for Nursery for the academic year 2024 – 2025 stands closed.