Singhania IBDP
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Std. 6 Virtual Tour

Nov 18, 2021
Kerala! Also known as God's own country is always on our list of 'must see' places. To experience the true essence of its beauty we have to pay it a visit. Due to the pandemic and its restrictions our travel plans cannot materialize to the fullest extent. However, the students of grade 6 had the good fortune of experiencing a delightful virtual tour, organized by Adventure Tours on Thursday, 18th of Nov 2021.
The virtual tour of this fascinating land kicked of by a visit to a 16th Century St. Francis Church, build by the Portuguese in Port Kochi. Further, the class was taken to see the house of the world renowned explorer and the person credited to discover the travel route to India for the European Nations, 'Vasco-Da- Gama'.

Next they walked down to the commercial capital of Kerala, Kochi's coastline, and saw one of the most unusual sights, where a fresh water Lake and saline Arabian sea stood besides each other, facilitating a port area, a hub or commerce. Also they saw the Willingdon island, largest artificial island of India. The students were then given extensive information about all the activities in the Port, of the ancient past as well as the current times. The spice trade being the at the center of it all, and information about pepper the queen of spices also called 'The Black Gold'. One cannot talk about a visit to the Kochi Port without a seek peek into the ancient Chinese fishing technology, which is still actively practiced on the port. This was followed by a walk in the fish market, where fresh catch was in display for sale.

As they say, you cannot take the coconut out of Kerala or Kerala out of its love for coconut, the tour ended with a visit to the coir factory, where the process making a coir from coconut fiber was explicitly demonstrated. The magic of coir was recreated in our living rooms as we all tried to do a small craft work out of the very same material as a token of our visit. Children frequently asked relevant questions and the guide ably answered them. All in all an enjoyable, engaging and informative virtual Kerala tour.


Admission for Nursery for the academic year 2024 – 2025 stands closed.