Singhania IBDP
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Guru Purnima Celebration

Aug 01, 2021 - Aug 02, 2021
One of the first teachers in everyone’s life is the mother, who gives birth to us. Our parents play a pivotal role in our lives, not only do they fulfil our basic material needs, but also instill in us the right manners and etiquettes along with helping us with our first words and our first step among many others. And soon after, when we enter the formal education phase of life, we meet our school teachers who play the role of our main gurus in absence of our parents. Guru Purnima was celebrated in Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School today as a mark of respect to parents and teachers, who are the primary gurus of children. The day was made special by the presence of parents of students in the class. Teachers explained the significance of the occasion to the students and also a brief history of how this tradition came into being.
Guru Purnima Celebration -Elementary Section

Under the guidance of music teachers, students from Grades 5 & 6 put together a beautiful song and dance performance for the occasion which was shown in the class. Students showered their respect and gratitude towards the teachers by making cards & paintings and presenting them in the class. Some even recited prayers and shlokas in praise of Gurus. Teachers further emphasized on how parents are the first Gurus for the children and how children should always be grateful to them for their guidance. It was an emotional moment when students paid their respect and thankfulness to their parents accompanying them in the virtual class by seeking their blessings. And while parents remain the biggest gurus, it is our teachers who have taught us some of the most important lessons of our lives. We should really be thankful for those lessons learned from them.

Admission for Nursery for the academic year 2024 – 2025 stands closed.